In Memoriam


To those who have lived, served and laughed among us we honor you. We cherish your legacy and pay tribute to what you mean to us. Salute!


Rank  First Name LastName ServiceComp Dec year
Col Richard Ballintine USAF 2021
CW4 Lawrence Brassell USA 2021
CDR Preston Huddleston USN 2021
Ida Pack SurvivingS. 2021
Nancy Scruggs SurvivingS. 2021
Col Carl Cooper USMC 2021
LtCmdr George Williams USN 2021
Carol Beaty SurvivingS. 2021
Eleanor Cushman SurvivingS. 2021
Margaret Gray SurvivingS. 2021
BJ Niedermeier SurvivingS. 2020
Anna Mayo SurvivingS. 2020
Stella Malone SurvivingS. 2020
Carolyn Robinson Spouse of Col Mike Robinson USAF 2020
Major Robert Williams USA/ANG 2020
Roma Bounds Spouse of  LtCol Malcom Bounds USAF 2020
LtCol Robert Gant ANG 2020
Vergie  Hughes SurvivingS. 2020
Barbara Shinpaugh Spouse of  LtCol Bob Shinpaugh 2020
LTC Tom Ruffing USA 2020
CWO Urban Johnson USA 2019
Lib Pierce SurvivingS. 2019
Capt Steve Cragon USN 2019
Irene Himes SurvivingS. 2019
LtCol Wayne Daniel USA 2019
LtCol Russell Jarrett USAF 2019
LtCol Buck Weaver USA 2019
Betsy DeRamus Surviving S. 2019
CPT Gordon Flynn USN 2019
Maj Charles Singletary USA 2018
LtCol Monroe Vest USAF 2018
LtCol Luther Stone USA 2018
CW3 David R. Jeffries USA 2018
COL Preuit Holland USA 2018
LtCol Sherlie (Gene) Dekich USA 2018
LtCol Claude Corbett USA 2017
John Barnhart USAF 2017
CPT Jesse Stinson USAR 2017
AL Malone USA 2017
Maj George Styslinger USAFR 2017
COL James Rasberry USA 2017
Ed Munson 2016
Robert Ramsay USAR 2016
Robert Snow USA 2015
Casey Nix USMC 2015
Lee McCaslin USA 2014
Joe Pierce USAF 2014
Ken Nelson USAF 2014
James McElroy USMC 2013
Joy Dunlap USAF 2013
Billy Gamble 2012
Red Hartline USA 2012
Cecil Himes USA 2009
Bobby Joe Martin USAF 2009
LtCol Fred DeMarco ARNG 2008
Bill Niedermeier USN 2004
John Hamel USA
LtCol Jack Bellamy
William Blaydoe USN
Chester Womack
Gerald Pack USA
Robert Edwards USA
Moe Green USA
COL Col Beall USA
Frank Scruggs USAF
Cecil Bassett USA
Richard Matthews
Lewis Mayo
CWO2 Vincent Zicarelli USN

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